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Orange Barrel Challenge


Orange Barrels, Orange Barrels
Everywhere we go!
Annual Match Play
w/ EWGA Columbus Chapter
National Golf Links
Cost $45
Sunday, September 24
(Deadline to register: September 15)
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Final Championship


Good Luck at the EWGA Championship Finals
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
October 6 & 7

Championship Flight:  Daryl Nels
Third Flight:  Kay Wortham

EWGA Cup Qualifiers


Good Luck @ Champion Cup Qualifiers
Seven Springs Mountain Resort
September 16 & 17

Back 9 BanditsCaptain Michele Sutton, Lynn Bailey, Debbie Benchic, Jeri Flemming, Sandy Hentges, Anne Holtz, Beth Nealeigh, Mary Rice
Grip It & Sip It:  Captain Lynn Montgomery, Marie Greene, Linda Lee, Kay Wortham, Roxanna Rude, Jane Petrack, Robin Wright, Wendy Campbell
Par Tee Down Dayton: Captain Cheryl Davis, Rhonda Burnett, Jessica Chilton, Angie Degenhart, Becky Krakowski, Becky Rogers, Sylvia Baker, Amy Whitehill
Tee-Riffic:  Captain Linda Williams, 
Margie Bayer, Ginny Brechak, Kathy Garrison, Holly Lane, Jill Rosner, Debbie Stricker, Glenda Taylor

Happy Hour Schedule

Off for Summer Golf!
November 9 - TBD
December 5 - TBD

Upcoming Events (updated 8/22/2017)

September 16/17 - EWGA Cup Great Lakes Qualifier @ Seven Springs & Hidden Valley Resorts; Champion, PA
September 24 - Rescheduled Orange Barrel @ National Golf Links
October 6/7 - EWGA Championship Finals @ Hot Springs Village; Hot Springs Village Arkansas
October 14 - Year End Cross Country Event @ Twin Base Golf
October 25/29 - EWGA Cup Finals @ LPGA Int'l Golf Course; Daytona Beach FL
Nov 9 - Happy Hour
Dec 5 - Happy Hour

Hot News From EWGA HQ

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GHIN Renewal

Welcome to EWGA Dayton

Welcome to Our New Members
- Kayse Lewis (May 2017)
- Cynthia Pratt (May 2017)
- Daryl Nels (Apr 2017)
- Linda Eagle-Beard (Apr 2017)
- Emily Dolson (Apr 2017)
- Kelly Coan (Apr 2017)
- Sherry Gale (Apr 2017)
- Paula Higginbotham (Mar 2017)
- Marigrace Ryan (Mar 2017)
- Jody Davis-Curless (Mar 2017)
- Cherese Sampson (Mar 2017)
- Nikki Switzer (Mar 2017)
- Jenell Ross (Mar 2017)
- Barbara Reno (Mar 2017)

Top 5 Reasons to Join EWGA
1.  You get the benefits of a Country Club Organization without the initiation fees & dues
2.  Golf education, events & playing times are scheduled. There is always someone available to play.
3.  You want to feel confident on the golf course.  EWGA provides a safe place to learn & develop
4.  You have the opportunity to network with other accomplished women
5.  You will develop lifetime friends

Why Learn to Play Golf?
* Golf has become a basic social skill
* A lot of business takes place on the golf course
* The golf course is a good place to network with other business professionals
* It's good for you physically & mentally
* Golf is a game of personal challenge and self-improvement
* It's a place to meet new friends
* Golf is Fun